Thursday, 3 November 2011

So much is being accomplished!

Today is flying by! hello? It's 2:15pm already, how did that happen? The crazy part is that I will probably be posting at 2:15am saying the same thing! Alright, time for an update!

Vancouver Fruit Tree! Oh man, I'm am itching to sneak photographs off Stacey's computer to show you. Your new logo and brand are going to be Ah-mazing!

LMDSS! We are going to blow you away with your new website. So clean and user friendly. I can't wait to see your reactions tomorrow. Want a sneak peak? Here you go...good luck guessing what that is!

PoCoMo! Your banner and poster are going to thrill you! I think that is going to convey everything you want it too (while tugging at some heart strings too!)

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to show their support. Moms dropping off chocolates, and clients dropping off Starbucks! We can't tell you how much we love you!

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