Friday, 4 November 2011

We're almost ready to print!

Our goal is to have everything ready and sent off to the printers by 4am! There's a lot of jokes going around the studio about how slow we are because we so tired, so Kim pipes up "Just wait till we have a knife in our hands" How terrible would that be! We spend all this time on great designs only to butcher them in our tired stupor!

Kim get's graby at 3am! Just kidding.

It's so strange being the only ones in the building. The halls are dark and our door is open in an attempt to air out the stench of four girls who haven't showered, and have chowed down on junk food all day.

Haha, busted! This was my attempt at a 10-minute powernap. It didn't go so well, but hey I'm still smilling!

We're getting so close to the end. Can you believe it? We're already into our 20th hour STRAIGHT (which also means we didn't reach our goal of 4am...hmm, let's adjust that to 4:15am.)

LMDSS, PoCoMo, and VFTP we can't WAIT to see you in a few more hours!

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